Sunday, 29 May 2016

His scent is in the RAIN - 3

Amaya and Alphy was celebrating each and every moment of their happiness. Alphy never doubted on his fatherhood. He believed in miracles and was happy that this miracle happened to his life. He cared Amaya in every way he could. But Amaya was waiting for a time to thank Peter for giving her the joy of her life. Every cold breeze remained her about Peter. When she was at the shower it felt like she is in the rain and Peter is closely watching her bathing. She felt uneasy while at bathtub as giggling of water made her wet in thoughts of Peter. 

At last the day came when Alphy has to go two days tour on his project. He made her safe by keeping a maid and a home-nurse ready for help. Maid will go home every evening and Amaya and the home-nurse where the only beings left there at night. Amaya was chatting regularly with Peter and he was also eagerly waiting for an opportunity to meet Amaya. When she informed him they could meet that night, he was overjoyed. Throughout the day he send fuck messages to Amaya to make her horny. He told her not to masturbate as it will reduce the thrill of a wild sex between them. Her breast was stiff throughout the day in the thought of the sweet night. The home-nurse noticed her hard breath and asked everything was ok. Amaya swear that nothing was wrong with her. Her pants was getting wet that much that she changed her pantyliner almost every hour. He send messages about tongue fucking her. She warned him not to send anymore fuck messages otherwise she will masturbate.

At night Amaya mixed sleep tablets on the home-nurses soup. She felt asleep as soon as they finished dinner. Peter was waiting outside on his car. Amaya locked the house and went with Peter to celebrate the night. He drove half an hour and reached the hotel which he specially booked for the great fuck episode. That was the most romantic place she was ever seeing in her life. There was a swimming pool inside their premium classy room. There were scented candles and flowers decorated all there. The bed was like heavenly behind light shaded curtains. Red rose petals were floating over the pool made it ultra sexy. Amaya gazed at the ultimate beauty while Peter was undressing her. He made her completely naked and pulled her hair bun down. Her smooth and buttery naked body perfectly matched with the background. She felt like a beautiful butter statue in that room. 

Peter made her sit on the cushion with her legs spread. He viewed her in every angles. He closely watched between her legs. It was slowly oozing fluids. "I am going to touch my baby" by saying this he inserted his fingers deep inside and touched her womb. It felt awesome but she was afraid for her baby. She comforted her by saying, "Its ok to play after the first trimester. It is your fourth month going. I will not harm our baby. I know how to play safely. Don't worry honey." He was still massaging her womb while saying this. He took his dripping hands from her hole and made her lick it. She first hesitated to taste her own juice, but he forcefully finger fucked her mouth. She tasted the warm sour juice of her cunt and secretly liked that little surprise given by him. 

Peter looked at her growing stiff boobs. Her nipples had started changing its colour. He patted on her both boobs. Amaya cried with pain as he patted hard. Her boobs turned red with his hard pats. He jerked her boobs and mercilessly chewed her nipples. He hold her both boobs and give the nipples to Amaya. "Chew your nipples honey. Taste them." It was very hard for her to reach her nipples but he forcefully made the boobs to reach her mouth. She chewed her own nipples before him. That scene made his dick wet with precum. While chewing her nipples Amaya felt her clit was getting pulled out. Peter was plucking her every elements and playing pulling game. He pulled and released only after hearing her crying. Peter hold both the outer lips of her pussy with both hands and spread her cunt as wide as possible. She felt he is going to tear her thing. It looked like a big pink flower. He then stared to bite her clit slowly. She was feeling a pleasurable pain and moaned as loud as she can. While chewing her clit he entered his whole four fingers to her hole as deep as he could and made a shivering moment. He shivered his fingers at a faster rhythm and that made her squirt with orgasm.

She almost felt like she is lost with her orgasm. After some minutes she regained her power and looked Peters dick. It was like a hot iron rod ready for action. She asked him, "Tell me Peter, what should I do to make you happy. Today I came to give you amazing moments. But now also you are making me happy. Ask me anything. I want to do some wild things to make you mad with happiness." "You are pregnant, you may not be able to grant my wish, so better I wont ask", said Peter. "Please Peter, don't play with my feelings for you. You are so special. You are the hunter of my mind and body. You should tell me now." Said Amaya. 

Peter hold her hands and led her to the swimming pool. She felt the semi warm water of the pool. She wondered what he is wishing for. "Do you know swimming?" Asked peter. "Yes, I can swim, do you want me to swim?" "No  honey, it may help if you know swimming". By then they reached almost half the swimming pool. Water was just touching Amaya's nipples. Peter there kissed her gently, pulled her hands and placed a nose clip in her hand. Amaya smiled and said, "So you want an underwater blow job right?" He shyly smiled back. "I will tap you in case of discomfort, then you have to pull me out of the water," She added. 

Amaya put the nose clip, took as much as air she could breath, got under the water and sealed his dick inside her mouth. Peter hold her head roughly underwater and push his dick into her mouth. She felt awesome and she cried of delight, but the sound went just bubbles. She tapped when she gushed for air, he would then pulled back her to get refilled with air and she went immediately under water and stared the action again.  She went again and again and each time she would improve her oxygen holding ability. As she stayed longer under water the harder he had fucked her. She took the whole length of his dick into her throat and give him deep fuck. He was in the delight of experiencing the most wonderful blow job of his life. He was moaning and shouting with pleasure. As it goes long, her chest were burning but she wanted to go further to give him the ultimate orgasm. 

On the last trip, he was making his moves like an animal in fire. She almost suffocated but she still hold his dick until he came hard in her mouth. She patted his legs and he pulled her out. She removed her nose clips and spitted his load in his chest. "You dirty fucking mouth," he laughed and pinched her lips saying this. She was delighted that she succeeded in giving the most beautiful thanks back. She felt an amazing joy for making her man burn in the pleasure given by her.

The END.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

His scent is in the RAIN - 2

It was the 7th wedding anniversary of Amaya and Alphy. Majority of couples welcome their wedding anniversary with great compassion and joy. Amaya worried more and more as each anniversary passed because they added one more year for their waiting for a child. Amaya got tired of her life. Every month she will wait for becoming a mother. She counted each days, calculated her time of ovulation and tried for a baby. The couples tried every advanced medical facilities but nothing worked for them. Amaya turned healthy in all test, but Alphy's semen quality was much low to make her pregnant. Alphy did as much as he can to improve his fertility. But all proved to be no use.

Doctors still hoped for the results. But Amaya felt she could no longer hold herself from becoming a mom. She decided to become a mom by sperm reception. She secretly spoke this to her gynaecologist but for this the doctor asked Alphy's permission to start the procedure. She thought Alphy will never agree for accepting sperm from a donor. Amaya became disappointed. She spoke to no one. Alphy too felt less interested in sex because for them sex was like a hard work which gives no results. Both of them went for work in daytime and slept in a single bed without bothering each other.

It was a rainy day evening. Amaya parked her car near the vegetable market. As she started walking the rain started to burst. She felt a relief from loads as the water passed her face to her body. After many years that dreaming girl seems appearing in her. She felt herself beautiful when she realised many people fixing their eyes in her breast. She continued walking and shopping.

Amaya stopped when she find two eyes with long eyelashes and joined eyebrows starring at her with wonder. It was Peter. He ran to her through the rain, brushed his think dripping hair with his hands and said with a smile, "What a surprise, Amaya, I cant believe you are here in front of me. How you are here?"  Amaya was confused by the sudden encounter. She felt very difficult to handle the situation and to answer Peter. Anyhow she gained some strength and asked, " Hey Peter, nice to see you here. My husband and me lives in this town." The cool wind was just blowing from his side towards Amaya. It brought his scent mixed with raindrops to her nose. Once again she enjoyed his sweet aroma. Her eyes filled with tears of joy, which was washed by the rain falling on her face.

They talked more, walked together in the rain and purchased vegetables. Amaya noticed Peter was grown to the most handsome man with wide chest which seems to be inviting her for a hug. She read his interest towards her from his eyes. He said his house was near that market. He was working as a data analyst in a software company of that town. His wife with kids stays in another town for her job convenience. Amaya figured that he is a complete family man now. She cursed herself for rejecting his request for love. Peter told her," You looks more beautiful now. You know it is my lifetime nostalgia, that is watching you through the raindrops." Amaya felt like a complete lady once more. Her goosebumps raised and her nipples hardened. She felt her hot honey flowing as she heard his compliments. "Thanks for the compliments Peter", she told without looking straight to his eyes. Peter provided his visiting card to Amaya asked hers. She was happy to give her contact to him. Hiding strong emotions for each other they parted for that day.

As the night came Amaya hardly felt that she is sleepy. It was such a cold rainy night that she loved to dream about Peter by hearing the erotic music of the rain. Her heart was beating with the rhythm of the rain and she was looking in her phone for a notification from Peter. After sometime she thought she should take the first move. She planned to get physically connected to this handsome man and he could make an end to her waiting for a baby. Becoming the mother of the guy who loves her is far better from getting semen from an unknown donor. She decided to call him and took the phone. Suddenly for her surprise, she received a message from Peter. She with raising heartbeat read his message. It said, "Thinking of you. Can we meet in the market tomorrow." She forget herself that moment with joy. Happiness was overflowing from her. She deleted his message suddenly after giving him a positive reply.

Thunderstorm and rain made that day like night. Amaya took half-day leave from her office and went to the meeting point decided by Peter. From there Peter got to her car and guided to his house. Amaya felt she is entering a royal palace while getting into Peter's house. When looking around she felt Peter gripping her curvy stomach from behind. He kissed her neck and said,"This time I will not ask your permission. Let me do anything on you. Never ask me to stop. Never ever." She could hardly find a reply for this. She turned to him and hugged back as a reply. Rain was showering at its peak outside. She pressed her head to his wide chest and heavily inhaled the maximum scent of him into her. She could hardly grasp his full body because of his huge size. She felt all his strength squeezing her body and without delay he took her to his shoulder and walked to his bedroom.

The bedroom was arranged lovely with roses and lilies. Peter made her lay on the beautifully maintained bed. "Say it, that you love me and Iam all yours, I love to hear it from you now." Peter whispered in Amaya's ear. His tongue darted out and licked along her earlobe. She didn’t understand why she felt so hard to talk!, "I love you Peter. I really need your help." Say it, sweetie, What you want from me." "I want a baby Peter, and I need it from you." He leaned in and give a soft, gentle and warm kiss in her eyes." I will grant your wish in the most pleasing way my lady".

Peter unzipped his pants and crawled on the bed beside her. His tongue feathered over her lips and he gently started rubbing her breast. He wanted to take things very slowly, he wanted to enjoy her every bit, for this was a dream come true moments and he wanted to enjoy her to the utmost. Peter was looking perfect in his undies. She was becoming hot with his smooth kisses. He pulled her hands up, start unbuttoning her clothes and shrugged it off her shoulders.

"Jesus Christ, you are an awesome beauty!!", he cant believe this unimaginably beautiful lady lying seduced just for him. He hugged her whole body with an urge and started caring her breast.  A new flood of wetness coated her panties as he started rubbing her nipples. Peter cant control himself from seeing her beautiful , bare, soft boobs, so he unclasped her bra, then pushed the straps off her shoulders. With a newfound boldness, he started licking her nipples. He knew what she wanted and he was ready to give it in the most romantic and wild way. His rough hands explored her body, stroking and caressing her private parts. He could see and feel her going wild with ecstasy. The moans and groans that escaped her lips, had made him harder than ever before. He went down her crotch,dipped his fingers into her wetness and teased her clit. He wiggled then back and forth inside her crotch. With newfound boldness, her lips parted. She licked her bottom lip and let his tongue slowly slide across it. He teased her as much as he can by tough fucking her. He then removed his tongue and watched her hole opening and closing in a hurry to welcome a dick.

 "Fuck me now, I cant hold myself, I want your dick inside me." She screamed. "Not so fast baby. I want to feel your sweet mouth around my dick." Amaya opened her mouth for his dick. He raised himself off the bed, positioned himself in a six-nine position over her and stroked his cock in front of her mouth. Amaya took his huge, hard shaft in her hands and sucked as best as she could. She took his huge cock inside her as much as she could without chocking herself. She sucked him hard, tasting his precum. She could tell he was about to come soon by the tightening she could feel in his balls as she stroked them. Peter thrusted his cock hard into her mouth and she tasted the first squirts of his hot load. He was rubbing vigorously on her clit and thrusting her asshole at the same time. Then he jumped all in a sudden and pushed his cock inside her vagina, giving amazing hard strokes. She never felt such a huge cock inside her. It was thrusting her so hardly. She urinated unknowingly by his strokes as she came. He pushed some more to release his load.

It was a wild sex day for both of them. They continued their wild sex and the very next month Amaya found out she was pregnant.


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